Elearning Cart


Qualifications – We can deliver and assess a range of Regulated Qualifications, 100% online without the need for the learner to attend a classroom or site based assessment. This means that Regulated Qualifications can now be completed anywhere, anytime in any place when it is convenient for employers and learners alike, all you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

E-Learning – Involves using a computer or laptop to deliver a course, whether it’s in a Training Centre, part of your in-house employee training, or to further your own career at home. All e-Learning courses include a multiple-choice test to confirm understanding of the content.

Packages – Are a collection of e-Learning products that can be purchased together as a “Package” that offers a saving compared to purchasing the products individually.

E-Books – are electronic Workbooks that come in a PDF format and provide a more texted based solution for those individuals who prefer learning in this way. Each course can be read on a computer, a laptop, or any mobile device and all involve a multiple-choice test to confirm understanding of the content.

Video learning – Video is a useful alternative to e-learning and e-books for learners who prefer to study and retain information best when information is presented to them in a visual format. Each video course involves a multiple-choice test to confirm understanding of the content.

Distance Learning – Distance Learning courses are facilitated by physical Workbooks and liaison with the course tutor via the post. All work is completed by the learner and posted back to their tutor who will in turn provide any necessary feedback by return. All Distance Learning courses are completed by a Multiple-choice test to confirm understanding of the content. These courses are currently only available to existing customers via your e-Learning Portal.